Projekt name: Hobo  Time interval: 2005-2015


I've known Hobo since the early 80s, when we grew up with his fantastic lyrics and music, and we grew up with The Hunt, which got burned into our lives. It was 10 years later that we met in person for the first time, and it feels like yesterday! Again 10 years had to pass when I found myself on his 60th birthday. He gave a 3-hour concert, full of energy. The next 10 years were spent working together . Senkifalva—Circus Hungaricus—Az út vadabb felén—A zene marad—Apák rock and rollja—Látnokok, költök, csavargók—Halj meg és nagy leszel..., all of these are our work together. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a man, to make his album covers, his books, to be able to photograph his performances, his concerts and to share a friendship with him.