My website is a selection of my work of the last 25 years, showcasing the creative projects dearest to me. Design has been part of my carrier as a photographer from the beginning. The most appealing challenge for me has always been the design of complete company images, and it is these works, and of course my books that have been part of my life the longest. Websites, publications, magazines, books, calendars have been the colours on our palette year after year. I have tried almost every aspect of photography and it has become a tool for me to express my visual world, or perhaps more than that. 


The Busó Festival is undoubtedly a special attraction, but as a simple visitor, one remains an outsider, as if the secret that surrounds the busó would also envelop the event itself. In the Great Busó Book the photographer...

Treasures of Baranya

The clatter of ratchets disturbs the dream of the Danube: the grin of masks painted with blood awakens the countryside from the night. Roosters start to squeak on the Szársomlyó Hill, and black cats pulling...

My Dream India

" India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man...

Paris flâneur

A French and Hungarian language album, entitled Paris flâneur was published in 2005, containing around 200 photographs, with reflections by 21 authors, including Mária Szepes, György Faludy, András Kepes, György Cserhalmi, Péter Popper...


It's not widely known that George Orwell's writing carreer took off in Burma, where he was confronted with a monster that crushed man's desire for freedom and dignity, a faceless bureaucracy existing only for its own power...


I visited Ladakh for the first time in 2008, the encounter I might have longed for most. Its touch was decisive. I was alone and yet I was not. I was standing at the foot of Thiksey Monastery, late, setting sunlight illuminating the Monastery...


Narke Electrojet is a unique development in Hungary and also internationally. It’s the world's first series-produced, purely electric Electrojet. We have been involved in the promotional work for this vehicle from the very beginning...


For several years, my friend Zoltán Szabó and I produced the Fertília calendars. It was one of the most difficult projects, but very enjoyable. Every day we had to work with real people, not models, in unfamiliar locations, at fixed times...


I've known Hobo since the early 80s, when we grew up with his fantastic lyrics and music, and we grew up with The Hunt, which got burned into our lives. It was 10 years later that we met in person for the first time, and it feels like yesterday! ...

Advertising designs

In 1994, I started working as an entrepreneur in advertising and design besides photography. In addition to our design studio, we also ran a decor workshop and provided complete advertising agency services for small and large companies...


We have been providing Davinci Private Clinic with up-to-date advertising designs, artwork and prints since 2010. We designed the entire image, from the logo, brochure and other publications to business cards. In addition we also provide...


This genre was close to my heart for a long time. I have photographed at least 500 weddings, both at home and abroad. I was a member of the Pillanart association of wedding photographers, which at the time...


I love Cuba. Cuba, of all the countries in the world that I have visited, feels to be the one I could live in. Perhaps because it has everything in its atmosphere and vibes that I miss so much in our lives...


"Everybody wants to live on top of the mountain, not knowing that true happiness lies in the way you get there." I've been preparing for this place for a long time, I’ve always been amazed by the power and radiance of the mountains...


My friend Zoli Szabó and I were introduced to Plumland by Zsuzsa Méhész. First we took image photos for Panyolai Pálinka Ltd., then we quickly fell in love with the countryside. For 5 years, we visited this secluded little corner...


Like a miniature continent, Corsica rises like an impregnable fortress above the Mediterranean. The small island's geography is astonishingly diverse, with shimmering bays, breathtaking gorges, rocky cliffs...


I have spent 2 weeks in Persia on two occasions. Before that I had never been in this world. We knew that the image of the country relayed by the western world must be treated with strong reservations...
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About me

Balázs Juhász

Photographer, advertising graphic artist, designer

The last 30 years have been characterised by creativity, a great variety of work, life-changing experiences and lasting creations. From the very beginning I was a travelling, research photographer, but over the years I have tried my hand at almost every field of photography and advertising. As the author of several successful books, my work has been exhibited nationally and internationally from Budapest, through Paris and Delhi to Tokyo. My second book, My Dream India, opened my eyes to a fast-changing world, to cultures in the process of disappearing. Since then, I have felt it my duty to capture them, to preserve their values. Since 2012, I have been organising photo tours to different lands and cultures around the world. On these trips I try to pass on my knowledge and experience. Since 2017, I have been organising my trips and trainings under the name FotoSherpa. The first culmination of my work was my black and white photo album Paris flâneur, published in 2005, and in 2010 I completed my second book, My Dream India. My third book, about my homeland, was published in 2018 entitled Treasure Baranya, followed shortly afterwards in 2021 by Transformation - The Big Book of the Buso, the fourth album of my own.



The Great Busó Book

The Busó Festival is undoubtedly a special attraction, but as a simple visitor, one remains an outsider, as if the secret that surrounds the busó would also envelop the event itself. In the Great Busó Book the photographer breaks through this hindrance, goes into the hot centre of the tradition, and makes visible what otherwise remains hidden from the eyes of a mere spectator. 

Book design and photo by Balázs Juhász

Text by Simon Katalin

Year of publication: 2021

225x300mm, 160 pages, hardback

Comissioned by: Mohács City Municipality

Treasures of Baranya

This book invites you on a fairy-tale journey, presenting the colourful and exciting world of Baranya with its wonderful pictures and varied, exciting stories. It shows us the customs, the life, the centuries-old traditions, the built and natural heritage of our southernmost county from a unique perspective. The album offers a complex experience to the reader, its images and stories not only tell tales to the people who live here, but also entice visitors to explore.

Book design and photo by Balázs Juhász

Text by Borbála Kerekes

Year of publication: 2018

225x300mm, 200 pages, hardback

Comissioned by: Baranya Country Municipality


My Dream India

A photo album with pictures by a Hungarian photographer and script by a Hungarian Hindu monk. It is neither a travel guide, nor a textbook. It is a confession, a life's work. The meeting of a photographer and a monk. This book tells the story of a Western photographer and a Western Hindu monk reflecting on the wonders of an inexplicable world. The book was written over four years of fantastic travels and experiences.

Book design and photo by Balázs Juhász

Text by Zoltán Leveles

Year of publication: 2010

225x300mm, 200 pages, hardback

Paris flâneur

I produced my first book, Paris flâneur at the age of 35. I spent six years photographing the city, which captivated me straight away and never let go. My tool is my camera, my "fourth eye" and - the City, the island where I feel at home - the place that evokes my old liberated self, where one can come face to face with oneself. I asked well-known people for co-authors whose work and life had been exemplary for me, and whose writings and thoughts turned images and moments into a tangible experience.

List of my fellow authors:
Faludy György, Popper Péter, Szepes Mária, Vekerdy Tamás. Kepes András, Baricz Katalin, Cserhalmi György, Fejtő Ferenc, Földes László (Hobó), Gyémánt László, Sárvári György, Vámos Miklós, Katona Klári, Koltai Lajos, Kuklay Antal, Csernus Sándor, Andok Ferenc, Rozsonits Tamás, Gyarmati Csaba, Sárosi István.

Book design and photo by Balázs Juhász

Year of publication: 2005

225x300mm, 210 pages, hardback

Photo tours - Workshops

Travel, photography, adventure... everything we have always wished for!

A tapasztalás és tökéletesedés egyik legjobb lehetősége és színtere az utazás. Az utazás egy próba, egy kihívás. Az utazó mindig tart valami felé, keres valamit, megtartva gyermeki rácsodálkozását e kincsekkel teli világra. A fotográfus segítségül hívja az eszközét, médiummá válik, hogy továbbíthassa üzenetét. A FotoSherpa a világ leképezése belső szemünk által. Kaland, tapasztalás és játék. Mind az, amire mindig is vágytunk! Csapatunk legfőbb célja, hogy általunk megismert világokba, kultúrákba juttassunk el amatőr és profi fotográfusokat, átadva tudásunkat, tapasztalatunkat. A FotoSherpa egy fotóközösség is egyben. Tagjai lehetnek mindazok, akik hasonló módon nyitottak a világra, szeretik az utazást, a változást, érdeklődnek más kultúrák iránt, fogékonyak a képi világra és ebben örömüket lelik. Légy Te is az útitársuk! 2012-től már majd 100 út és képzés áll mögöttünk, a világ különböző tájaira szervezünk fotótúrákat, a Balatontól a Himalájáig. Főbb desztinációink: Korzika, Dolomitok, Párizs, India, Burma, Ladakh, Kuba és persze Magyarország. Minden évben indítunk képzéseket, stúdió, portré és képfeldolgozó workshopokat.

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